June 2018

  We are thankful that Don had such a good place to live. Don was lucky in the fact that you made it possible for him to stay there. You and your staff did a great job. You always have a thoughful touch! 


Son R. 


My Dears,

Thank you for your kind care of my husband Richard and for your patience with both of us.  I will always be grateul and never forget your kindness.

With great respect,



 March 2018

When we got into the elevator at the Montclair around 8.30 pm tonight my mother said, "It feels good to be home" We had been to my house for dinner. You know if doesn't say full sentences and that she enjoys getting out - but was truly glad to be home tonight. When we got off the elevator she immediately turned to the nurses station with her eyes lit up, looking to see who was about--  someone in the hallway calles "Mrs. L. you are back.  I will be down to help you in minute.  "we got to her apartment, the bed was turned down, her nightgown laid out even the tv was on! she was quick to usher me out.

My mom has not had an easy life, and had not easily felt at home in many places I was really thankful tonight and want ed let you know how happy it made me see my mom so content.  All that yo do make a difference.

Daughter C.


May 2018

 Dear everyone at Montclair

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful and kind care yougave my mother while she lived here. Always kind words and a smile given to mom at all times. I felt better knowing she was in such capable kind hands

Thank you again for everything with love and gratitude.

Daughter K.


June 2018 

Suzie and I thank you for the wonderful care you gave our mother.  She enjoyed living at Montclair and she loved her apartment.  She enjoyed looking out the window and seeing all the trees and plants.  Marissa, mom loved the activities program,  she really enjoyed all the activities provided. Breda thank you for all your help when mom's condition suddenly worsened. We will never forget the great care Mom received at Montclair.  I would highly recommend Montclair to any family.


S & B 


February 2018

Thank you soo much for helping us get my Father so quickly into Montclair, he was showered with love and kindness.

We are grateful to you and your caring staff who take care with such care and tenderness. We are forever grateful.  

The B. family


October 2017

It is difficult to select a community for a loved.  I am glad that I selected The Montclair. The management and staff are compassionate, professional and kind. The keep me informed and provide excellent care.  They go beyond what would normally be expected to take care of my loved one. They provide a variety of activities daily from exercises to musical entertainment.  When weather permits the staff takes residents that want to participate on walks around the lovely lake on the property.  The food is good and the facilities clean and pleasantly furnished in the common areas.  Many thanks to the management and staff for all you do for my loved one.

Daughter S.


November 2017

Dear One and All:

As the next-generation Roobach's all continue the mourning process of our dear dad,John Roorbach (you might have known him as Jack or Poppy), we find ourselves full of gratitude for the thoroughly compassionate, expert, cheerful and kindly care and attention he received during his short tenure at Montclair.

The caregivers were just lovely.  Several of them performed well above the call of their jobs, checking in frequently and make sure Poppy was comfortable during the last week of his life.  These women - and the men too- were upbeat and full of laughter even when they look over and saw sisters Janet and Carol losing hope. We could clearly see more than professionalism-we saw that Poppy had formed real relationships with one an all.

The med techs were highly knowledgable and willing to answer any questions we had cheerfully. None of us ever felt we were not welcome. Poppy's room was full of sunshine always clean and fresh, as were his clothes and his very self.  He told us stories, often with a smile - when he fell of the toilet reaching for a stray roll of paper, staff members were there pretty much the second he rang the bell, and never made him feel embarrassed in fact they laughed along with him. He felt well cared for, and more than that, loved.  He was particularly fond of the maintenance man who wired a new electric chair outlet for his motor chair and other handy-dandy tasks.

We also appreciated the knowledge and compassion on the administrave side-questions about end-of-life care was answered with pure reassurance and accurate facts, and needs were attended to without hesitation or negotiation. You grappled with our worst fears alongside us, and helped us see that we were all part of a process, and perhaps a joyful one at that.

Please know that we would recommed your services very highly to friends and family alike, and found a superior value across the board, from meals to cleaning services, from social interaction to actvities, from professional attention to loving care, from cleaning staff to the boss. Share these words in any way you would like.

And please accept from us all the warmest possible THANKS and five BIG hugs.


Randy (Connecticut)

Bill (Maine)

Carol (Washington)

Doug (Atlanta)

Janet (College Park


August 2017

My mother has lived at Montclair for 6 years. Montclair is her home now and she is happy. Although mom suffers among other things from Alzheimer's, she is a vivacious, intelligent and thoughtful woman. Montclair staff are mindful and caring. Montclair is always clean and inviting. The food is consistently excellent. The landscape is beautiful and activities are scheduled each day. My visits are rarely on the same day or at the smae time. Every time I visit mom she is always clean and dressed lovingly including her trademark neckalce each day to go with her outfit. Her long hair combed and fastened with a barrette or band. I depend on Montclair's administrator who is extraordinary, outstanding and always available-day or night-everyday. My calls are answered within minutes if not immediately. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week I know my mother is safe, receiving her medications as prescribed, eating excellent food and receiving wonderful care. Urgent medical care is available at a moment's notice and I can always reach a real person to check on mom. Leaving one's home is a terrifying experience both discouraging and disorienting. Montclair made and continues to make this life transition a graceful, enjoyable and pleasant adventure for my mom.

-Daughter of Resident 


August 2017 

My father-in-law has been here for quite some time now at Montclair. They have their needs met every day from helping with taking a shower to be given their medications at the correct time. I know that they also do frequent checks on him whether in the sitting rom or going into their bedrooms. The activity director is always encouraging my father in law to come out of his room for activities that he would enjoy, like music performances. There is also a very nice lake to walk around and also a community PATH that connect to the land where my father in law can get outside for fresh air. Over the past year there has been more decor improvements done with some new rooms but also a larger tv/living room space. I always mention or recommend my friends to look at the Montclair for their family members and two have been placed there recently.

-Daughter in law of Resident 


This facility has gone above and beyond for my best friend. I am impressed with their kind caring treatment. They offer so much for someone who can no longer care for herself. Montclair is clean and cheerful with a caring staff. Thank you!

-Eleanor friend of Resident 


August 2017 

When my mother needed assisted living support five years ago, we came to Montclair. My aunt had been living at Clairmont Place for several years and we were familiar with the location, facilities and its very good reputation. Because most of mom's doctors are at Emory, the travel time is exteremly convenient. Clairmont Place/Montclair is a constantly evolving campus that prides itself on being bright, cheerful and clean. A new wing with new rooms and new landscaping was a welcomed addition. Mom enjoys the other residents, the staff and the activities. The administrator is someone I have come to rely upon very much. She is extremely professional and knowledgable and has provided sound advice during trying times. 

-Family of Resident 


I can not praise the Montclair enough. First the wonderful surroundungs. A beautiful lake as you drive up to the entrance. You will not be disappointed when you enter the building the decor is stunning and very tasteful. It felt like home. I was sold before I saw the rest of the place which included an indoor swimmng pool, fitness center and movie theater, and beauty shop to name a few. I met some of the wonderful staff including the director of Montclair who put my mind at rest straight away. She answered all my questions with such ease. I knew then she was a very compassionate and caring person. The activities director showed me a schedule of all the activitiies planned each month. One of the CNA carers who has been at the Montclair for many years. Loved to see her interactions with the residents you could clearly see the bond she had with them. The rooms were very clean and bright I knew then my dear Aunt would feel right at home and cherished. I was not wrong she has been at the Montclair for several weeks now and is loving it. She is always telling me how happy she is and how many friends she has made. She also enjoys the wonderful variety of food at each meal. Thank you to all the staff for making this move a very easy one. 

-Friend of Resident 


July 2017

I just wanted to thank you and all your staff for all of the great care you gave my mom. We really appreciate your willingness to go above and beyond and see to her needs. Even in the end, we knew that she was at peace and well taken care of by everyone. Thank you again.

Susanne (Daughter of Rebecca)  


 March 2017

To Everyone at Montclair-

Just wanted to reach out to you all and thank you for everything. You guys were hand picked by God to do the work you do-I don't know how you do it! We appreciate your help with mom so much. Your loving, caring ways did not go unnoticed, though probably not often acknowledged. We appreciate everything and have already missed seeing you. Hope you all are well- Love & Thanks!

Lisa and family 



To Whom It May Concern:

I am a volunteer at Montclair and I would like to commend your staff on their efficiency and conscientious care of the residents here.  These women, as I have observed, are by far an asset to your facility.  They all do excellent jobs in care for the residents from personal individual care to group activities and meals, housekeeping, etc., and they do it with a smile.  Kudos to your staff!!



Our family would like to thank you for all your kindness - large and small - in caring for our father.  You possess a rare combination of professionalism and love, and we have been so fortunate to know you.


     A note of thanks for all you did to meet Mom's needs during her stay at your facility.  You and your wonderful staff gave us a sense of peace in knowing she was well cared for when we could not be with her.

     Our family came to appreciate your 'insight' and support during those last days.  No matter how busy you were - and we know you were so very busy - you took time to check in with Mom and offer words of encouragement, just when we needed it most.

  You are so very good at what you do.  We pray that many others will know the benefit of your caring and concern.  We know all facilities do not provide this type of care, and we are grateful our Mother made her home at Montclair.

     Thanks for a laugh, just when we needed it - a hug when things got tough - a word - a glance - for your patience and understanding.  Words cannot express.

Family of E J


Feburary 2012 

     When I began my search to find an assisted living facility for my mother, it quickly became apparent that the possibility of finding one which would and could meet my hopes for a wonderful and fine living accommodation for her was slim.  However. there was one place which was always mentioned by my friends and colleagues.  A place which seemed too good to be true, a well-kept secret.  This was and is Montclair.  The moment I stepped through the doors and off the elevator, I knew that Mother could and would find home here.

     The care is outstanding.  The resident suites are unique and personal to each individual.  The staff is simply marvelous.  Plus, the meals are varied, generous and quite scrumptious.  I know that Mother is safe and under sincerely understanding, gentle and constant supervision.

     My Mother is now eating, which she did not before Montclair.  She enjoys her meals in the dining room and looks forward to the many and varied activities offered.  Mom has made many new friends.  Montclair is a community of residents who share the wonders of life together in spite of the physical and mental failings which so often besiege the elderly.

     My Mother, a renown microbiologist, suffers from Alzheimer's, renal failure and cardio/pulmonary disease coupled with the inherent complications and difficulties which accompany these illnesses. At 89 1/2 years old, she has found a home again and new horizons continue to open for her.

     Twenty four hours each day, seven days a week all year long, I know Mother is in the best of care. Medical care is available at a moment's notice.  And, I can always reach a real person to check on Mom.

     Leaving one's home is a terrifying experience both discouraging and disorienting often to an extreme.  Montclair made and continues to make this life transition for my Mother a graceful. enjoyable and pleasant adventure.  I only wish that all elderly and ill parents, all of our loved ones in need of care, could find a Montclair.

Virginia H.



Dear Montclair Assisted Living,

     I wanted to let you all know how pleased my family and I have been in moving my mother, Jean T., to Montclair.  The staff there is wonderful and always willing to help in all aspects of caring for my mom.  I have visited other facilities and actually moved my mother from one so she could make Montclair her new home.  This was the best move we made for her.  I know her care and safe keeping is being taken care of by the staff at Montclair at all times.  I tell everyone I know who has an elder parent or friend who is in need of special caring that this is a wonderful place which we now call home for my mom.  I highly recommend Montclair for anyone who is looking for that special care and attention that they want for their special loved one. 

Thank you,

Nancy H.

Daughter to Jean T.



Thank you for all the kindness you extended to my mother.  Your care and concern contributed so much to her happiness, comfort and well-being.  Thank you also, for your friendship and support.  I don't know how I would have gotten through these difficult months without you.





     On behalf of our entire family, I wanted to thank you for all of your work and support for our mother, Genie H., during her last year.  This must have been the most difficult year of her life, but you and your colleagues at Montclair made it immeasurably better for her and her family.  You not only coordinated the care among numerous providers, but you also helped to resolve personal conflicts and provided us with invaluable advice when faced with numerous challenges.  We appreciate the dedication, skill, professionalism, understanding, wisdom, and humor that you brought to your job every day.  It is hard for us to even imagine how our Mom - and we - would have fared had you not been there.                           

     And you even referred a couple to us to purchase our parents' apartment. We hope that should they need the level of care that Montclair provides at some point in their lives that you will be there for them.


Hugh H. February 2016



I cannot even begin to tell you what a blessing it was to have Mom in the care of you and your staff for the last several months of her life.  Your staff was consistently patient, kind, and loving.  Breda, you were an incredible support to her and to the entire family, providing emotional support and being an advocate for her.  I had a sense of peace that Mom was getting the best care possible.

I would recommend The Montclair to anyone who needed assisted living.  The surroundings are clean, the atmosphere is friendly, and it is evident that the staff truly cares about the residents.

I will forever be grateful that you were with me in Mom's final minutes.  I knew how much you cared about her, and how much you cared about me.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Paige P. February 2016


 Thank you so much for the care, respect, kindness and patience that was given to my grandmother Lucille during her stay at Montclair. We are fortunate and blessed to have had found someone whose passion was to love and care for the ederly. You are a treasure! Again, thanks so much for your support and comfort that was given to my grandmother Lucille.

-M   January 2016