I just wanted to thank you and all your staff for all of the great care you gave my mom. We really appreciate your willingness to go above and beyond and see to her needs. Even in the end, we knew that she was at peace and well taken care of by everyone. Thank you again.

Susanne (Daughter of Rebecca)



To Everyone at Montclair-

Just wanted to reach out to you all and thank you for everything. You guys were hand picked by God to do the work you do-I don't know how you do it! We appreciate your help with mom so much. Your loving, caring ways did not go unnoticed, though probably not often acknowledged. We appreciate everything and have already missed seeing you. Hope you all are well- Love & Thanks!

Lisa and family



To Whom It May Concern:

I am a volunteer at Montclair and I would like to commend your staff on their efficiency and conscientious care of the residents here.  These women, as I have observed, are by far an asset to your facility.  They all do excellent jobs in care for the residents from personal individual care to group activities and meals, housekeeping, etc., and they do it with a smile.  Kudos to your staff!!



 Dear Breda,

Our family would like to thank you for all your kindness - large and small - in caring for our father.  You possess a rare combination of professionalism and love, and we have been so fortunate to know you.



Dear Breda,

     A note of thanks for all you did to meet Mom's needs during her stay at your facility.  You and your wonderful staff gave us a sense of peace in knowing she was well cared for when we could not be with her.

     Our family came to appreciate your 'insight' and support during those last days.  No matter how busy you were - and we know you were so very busy - you took time to check in with Mom and offer words of encouragement, just when we needed it most.

     Breda, you are so very good at what you do.  We pray that many others will know the benefit of your caring and concern.  We know all facilities do not provide this type of care, and we are grateful our Mother made her home at Montclair.

     Thanks for a laugh, just when we needed it - a hug when things got tough - a word - a glance - for your patience and understanding.  Words cannot express.

Family of E J



     When I began my search to find an assisted living facility for my mother, it quickly became apparent that the possibility of finding one which would and could meet my hopes for a wonderful and fine living accommodation for her was slim.  However. there was one place which was always mentioned by my friends and colleagues.  A place which seemed too good to be true, a well-kept secret.  This was and is Montclair.  The moment I stepped through the doors and off the elevator, I knew that Mother could and would find home here.

     The care is outstanding.  The resident suites are unique and personal to each individual.  The staff is simply marvelous.  Plus, the meals are varied, generous and quite scrumptious.  I know that Mother is safe and under sincerely understanding, gentle and constant supervision.

     My Mother is now eating, which she did not before Montclair.  She enjoys her meals in the dining room and looks forward to the many and varied activities offered.  Mom has made many new friends.  Montclair is a community of residents who share the wonders of life together in spite of the physical and mental failings which so often besiege the elderly.

     My Mother, a renown microbiologist, suffers from Alzheimer's, renal failure and cardio/pulmonary disease coupled with the inherent complications and difficulties which accompany these illnesses. At 89 1/2 years old, she has found a home again and new horizons continue to open for her.

     Twenty four hours each day, seven days a week all year long, I know Mother is in the best of care. Medical care is available at a moment's notice.  And, I can always reach a real person to check on Mom.

     Leaving one's home is a terrifying experience both discouraging and disorienting often to an extreme.  Montclair made and continues to make this life transition for my Mother a graceful. enjoyable and pleasant adventure.  I only wish that all elderly and ill parents, all of our loved ones in need of care, could find a Montclair.

Virginia H.

February 21, 2012



Dear Montclair Assisted Living,

     I wanted to let you all know how pleased my family and I have been in moving my mother, Jean T., to Montclair.  The staff there is wonderful and always willing to help in all aspects of caring for my mom.  I have visited other facilities and actually moved my mother from one so she could make Montclair her new home.  This was the best move we made for her.  I know her care and safe keeping is being taken care of by the staff at Montclair at all times.  I tell everyone I know who has an elder parent or friend who is in need of special caring that this is a wonderful place which we now call home for my mom.  I highly recommend Montclair for anyone who is looking for that special care and attention that they want for their special loved one. 

Thank you,

Nancy H.

Daughter to Jean T.



Dear Breda,

Thank you for all the kindness you extended to my mother.  Your care and concern contributed so much to her happiness, comfort and well-being.  Thank you also, for your friendship and support.  I don't know how I would have gotten through these difficult months without you.





     On behalf of our entire family, I wanted to thank you for all of your work and support for our mother, Genie H., during her last year.  This must have been the most difficult year of her life, but you and your colleagues at Montclair made it immeasurably better for her and her family.  You not only coordinated the care among numerous providers, but you also helped to resolve personal conflicts and provided us with invaluable advice when faced with numerous challenges.  We appreciate the dedication, skill, professionalism, understanding, wisdom, and humor that you brought to your job every day.  It is hard for us to even imagine how our Mom - and we - would have fared had you not been there.                           

     And you even referred a couple to us to purchase our parents' apartment. We hope that should they need the level of care that Montclair provides at some point in their lives that you will be there for them.


Hugh H.



Dear Breda,

I cannot even begin to tell you what a blessing it was to have Mom in the care of you and your staff for the last several months of her life.  Your staff was consistently patient, kind, and loving.  Breda, you were an incredible support to her and to the entire family, providing emotional support and being an advocate for her.  I had a sense of peace that Mom was getting the best care possible.

I would recommend The Montclair to anyone who needed assisted living.  The surroundings are clean, the atmosphere is friendly, and it is evident that the staff truly cares about the residents.

I will forever be grateful that you were with me in Mom's final minutes.  I knew how much you cared about her, and how much you cared about me.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Paige P.



Dear Breda,

Thank you so much for the care, respect, kindness and patience that was given to my grandmother Lucille during her stay at Montclair. We are fortunate and blessed to have had found someone whose passion was to love and care for the ederly. You are a treasure! Again, thanks so much for your support and comfort that was given to my grandmother Lucille.